Quickly create templates for any types of questionnaires, forms or reports. Significantly improve quality of operations and enhance the data entry process due to the built-in features of automatic navigation, logical and syntactical control. Fill in the form or questionnaire on-the-go and send it wirelessly to the office immediately after or even during discussion with a customer or interview with a respondent.



1.     Do I need to pay for registration on Service «Family locator»?
No, the registration on our website is free of charge.

2.       Can I see where members of my family are located without buying Activation Packages?

No, you can not. For tracking Objects (that is the way to see where members of your family are located) you have to connect your devices to our Service using an Activation code from an Activation Package.

3.       Can I use one activation code for tracking several Objects?

No, you can use one activation code for connecting one device only.

4.       How many members of the family can be tracked viaService «Family locator»?

There is no limit to the number of people you can track via Service «Family locator». Every member of the family needs an activation code to connect their device to the Service.

5.        Do I have to pay monthly fee for all connected Objects or for working ones only?

Monthly fee is paid for Active ObjectsObject is considered Active if it has a connected device and Object status on our website is «Active». If you are not going to track Object the following month you have to change the Object status on our website to «Passive». You don’t need to pay monthly fee for «Passive» Objects. «Passive» Objects will no be being tracked.

6.        If a device is connected to the Object on April 15th which date will the Object have been tracked by?

Tracking of the Object will have been carried out until the end of the following month. In this example until 31st of May.

7.       If monthly fee is paid on June 10th when will the Object tracking be stopped?

Tracking of the Object will be stopped on June 30th as long as Frequency of rendering of Serviceis one calendar month. So as tracking of Objects will not be stopped you have to pay monthly fee in the beginning of the month.

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